Sunday, December 2, 2018

Commissioned Mecha BURST, paid in BURSTCOIN

Yes, Umbrellacorp03 he commissioned me to make him a Mecha Burst, some of you might have seen his name mentioned in some BURSTCoin Article, as he is among the active members of the BURST Community. And yes this service is paid in BURSTCOIN, so this is a real world application case scenario of the Tech that BURST has in the table.

Me as a graphic designer benefits greatly in the tech that BURST offers, one thing I really like is that I do not need to issue my credentials, so neat and eassssyyy :D.

I was glad that Mr. Umbrellacorp03 liked it, and his feedback was,
"The best 65 USD/10K Burst I spent in my entire life " :D

So here are some screenshots, enjoy.

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